Marymount has a team of over 150 professionals. Quality care is based on having a committed, qualified, excellence multidisciplinary team.  It is about people caring for people.

We have a Training & education programme which is facilitated in our education centre. All care staff have a FETAC level 5 qualification or equivalent.

Our Team includes a variety of multi-disciplinary professionals including a Director of Nursing, an Assistant Director of Nursing, 7 Clinical Nurse Managers, Staff Nurses, Health Care Assistants, a Physiotherapist, the Catering Team, Household, an Activities team and Maintenance as well as Mc Nulty family members whose involvement make this a committed and close team.

“Since I started working in Marymount over 30 years ago, I have seen it grow and progress. Marymount’s same values are still very much intact.
I am proud to be part of this incredible journey.”
Marymount Care Centre staff
Nuala Dignam
Household Suprvisor
Marymount Care Centre Team
“I started working in Marymount in 2013 and from the very beginning I felt that this was a very special place. As a physiotherapist, I look after the physical needs of our residents. I promote mobility and participation as the best way of maintaining independence.
I take great pride of being part of the Marymount team.”
Przemyslaw Barciszyn

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